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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
NRS. 638.40
NRS. 286.56
THE 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE by Chetan Bhagat
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NRS. 560.00
साया by सुबिन भट्टराई
The fifth Mountain by PAULO COELHO
NRS. 560.00
कृषिबाट करोडपति by जीवनप्रसाद राई
NRS. 300.00
NRS. 638.40
half girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat
NRS. 281.60
Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
NRS. 560.00
गोर्खाकी छोरी by प्रज्वल पराजुली
NRS. 375.00
NRS. 281.60
चिना हराएको मान्छे by हरिवंश आचार्य
THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho
NRS. 478.40
सेतो धरती by अमर न्यौपाने
I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh
NRS. 224.00
News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
NRS. 638.40
समर लभ by सुबिन भट्टराई

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Curriculum Evaluation & Research by Tekandra Prasad Bhatt

Curriculum Evaluation & Research
Quick Overview

Price: NRs. 350.00

ISBN: 9789937840583

Pages: 366

This book provides a current and existing introduction and detailed presentation to how the curriculum and its different from are evaluated properly, how the evaluation design and tools are developed and how their practical use is applied in the context of day to day educational field.Through clear- cut presentation, this comprehensive text serves overall understanding of general background about curriculum evaluation and concept of curriculum research.

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