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NRS. 281.60
THE 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE by Chetan Bhagat
NRS. 281.60
कृषिबाट करोडपति by जीवनप्रसाद राई
NRS. 300.00

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Organizational Behaviour by Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya

Organizational Behaviour
Quick Overview

Price: NRs. 760.00

ISBN: 9780199451166

Size: 180*249mm

Pages: 583

This is a comprehensive textbook designed to cater to the syllabi requirements of managements of management students. The text provides extensive coverage of all the basic principles of organizational behaviour. It covers advanced topics such as organizational strategies, globalization an organizational behaviour, knowledge management, organizational behaviour research, and total quality management (TQM) and organizational behaviour in detail.

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